2-Year-Old Girl Grabs Blue Toy Microphone, Then Belts Out National Anthem

By the age of 2, most kids are still working on nailing that tricky little beast called language. That’s why toddlers attempting to communicate with their parents can be so hilarious and endearing.

Children around that age typically have big personalities and know what point they want to get across, even if they aren’t quite able to say it “properly” yet!

But one tot took “kid-speak” to the next level with her adorable rendition of the National Anthem.

In the video below, a little girl (wearing a backwards blue baseball cap that’s just slightly too big for her head) shows off her patriotism with a rousing version of the “Star-Spangled Banner” — except you can’t quite understand what she’s saying. Nevertheless, the blonde toddler swings back and forth, belting out the song into her little blue toy microphone.

According to Inside Edition, the little girl is 2-year-old Iowan Maddy Dellaca, and the way she picked up the song is too cute.

“She learned the national anthem from her dad [Andy] practicing every day for a year before he auditioned to sing it at an Iowa Cubs game during the 2017 season,” her mom Chelsea told Inside Edition. Chelsea says that now both Maddy and her brother sing the National Anthem all the time.

Despite the fact that Maddy’s not saying all the words, the way she hits most of the beats is super impressive!

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