Botched Patient Reveals Doctor Operated On Her While She Was Awake & Left the Room Mid-Surgery: ”I Could See Bone and Blood!”

Kelli Johnson just wants her nose back!

Kelli was a beautiful young model with dreams of making it big in New York City, but unfortunately she felt like there was only one thing in the way—her nose.

“I got advice from a photographer who told me that if you want to make it in this business, you’re going to have to get a nose job,” Kelli explains in this sneak peek clip from tomorrow night’s new Botched. Well, she took his advice to heart, and it ended up being the worst decision of her life.

“After I moved to New York, I just kept getting the same kind of feedback. I noticed that the girls who got the jobs had thin noses,” Kelli recalls. “So I faced the fact that I do need to get a nose job if I want to book more jobs.”

“Immediately after the surgery I knew something was wrong,” Kelli explained. “First of all, there was a piece of cartilage sticking out. He told me, ‘Oh it’s just swelling, don’t worry.’ But I knew something was wrong because my nostrils were different sizes and shapes.”

Sadly, the damage was far from done! “A year later, I decided I’m not going to live with this nose anymore,” Kelli shared. “So I called the same doctor, and he said, ‘Come on back and I’ll do it for free.'”

After numbing her face and covering her eyes (while she was awake!) the doctor began to operate, but received a call and had to leave her alone in the operating room while he took another patient.

“He left me in the room alone and I had to use the bathroom, so I got up and went,” Kelli remembers. “When I looked in the mirror, I could see bone and blood, I was just like, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing?’ But I had to go back in and let him finish.”

“Afterwards, it looked straight. But a week or two later it started leaning to the left,” Kelli says. “I just said forget it, and I gave up my modeling dreams.”

Watch the shocking story in the clip above!

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