Man Is ‘Humiliated’ When He’s Too Heavy To Fit In Ambulance, Transforms In 18 Months With Diet

Robin Dixon weighed over 490 pounds. It all happened over the course of seven years when Robin worked in an office along side a vending machine. Bad food habits creeped up on him, then before he knew it his health was compromised.

“It was all about convenience food and the damage was done before I realized what I was doing,” he told Caters News.

Eventually, lymphedema and leg ulcers brought on by the weight caused his feet to swell up. He could no longer wear shoes. Only able to wear slippers, Robin couldn’t get a job.

“I just couldn’t see a way out before. I would try and get out but the only thing that would fit my feet were slippers and people would stare,” Robin said. “I couldn’t exactly go to job interviews in a pair of slippers so I felt stuck.”

He believes he hit rock bottom two years ago. Robin fell out of his bed, breaking his toe — when an ambulance showed up, he couldn’t fit into it. He had to wait two hours for a bariatric ambulance and special stretcher to show up.

“It was completely humiliating and at that stage the doctor actually told me I wouldn’t live past 40 if I carried on,” she said. “It was like I had to hit rock bottom before I could spring back and I was forced to take a long hard look at myself.”

Robin decided to make a change. He began eating fresh foods and counting calories. He lost 175 pounds in 18 months. Robin can fit into his shoes again and work get back to work.

“My health is still an ongoing issue but at least I’m on the right track now,” he says.

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