The Most Wearable Celeb Hair Trend, According to Pinterest

ESC: Emilia Clarke

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Bored with your look? Ready for a change?

Your first stop is most likely our beauty page (shameless plug), then, of course, Pinterest. The social media platform holds the key to endless inspiration from bloggers, celebrities and normal people. Type in two or three words into the search engine, describing your hair (i.e. medium-length hairstyle) and you’ll find yourself inundated with more-than-enough photos of appropriate styles (careful…it’s addicting).

Out of the thousands of hairstyles on the hub, there’s one that stands out: the textured lob. With Kerry Washington, Emilia Clarke, Selena Gomez, Gabrielle Union and Emma Stone rocking the medium-length style, we knew it would be popular, but the trend has truly taken over. InStyle reports that the style is “the most-pinned hairstyle on Pinterest,” with one photo garnering over 80K pins. 

It’s easy to comprehend why the trend has gained so much attention. It looks best with texture, so it can easily be your next wash-and-go look or with day(s)-old hair. If your hair is straight, beach waves and a little sea salt spray will give you the look without taking a long amount of time. Most wear it with a lob (read: long bob), but those with short hair can adopt the style as well. If your hair is too long, you can fake it. Plus, it just looks good all the time, at every occasion, on anyone.  

This is style is going to be around for awhile. 

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Are you going to try the style that’s taken over Hollywood? Tell us below! 

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