Kenya Moore Sounds Off on NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s Cockroach Feud

Kenya Moore is Team NeNe Leakes

The Real Housewives of Atlanta personality continued to defend her close friend and co-star during an appearance on E!’s Daily Pop, weighing in on NeNe and Kim Zolciak-Biermann‘s latest squabble. The Great Cockroach Controversy of 2017, as we’re calling it, stems from an alleged insect infestation caught on camera by Kim’s daughter Brielle Biermann during a visit to NeNe’s home. 

Leakes called the Biermann duo “racist trash” in response, which spurred Kim to hire legal counsel and increase security for her family. As the Don’t Be Tardy star explained on Daily Pop, “I don’t take this lightly. It’s one thing like I said to kind of banter back and forth and have an opinion. This is far beyond just having an opinion.” (And yes, Nene took it one step further by wearing a roach-inspired costume for Halloween.)

So what’s Kenya’s take on the whole situation? “I was there! I was at Nene’s home,” she recalled. “Brielle wasn’t even invited to her home. Kim was going at me for no particular reason about my husband so that’s when we first got into any big argument.”

She continued, “But little did we know, Brielle is in the bathroom filming bugs in NeNe’s house. NeNe has a brand new house. If she has a few bugs in there, who knows how they got in there?”

Kenya said she empathizes with NeNe, adding, “We’ve all had bugs in our home, ants and things like that. Then it became, ‘Oh, they’re roaches.’ Then they released this video. It’s a shame. Who comes to someone’s home and films bugs in their bathroom?”

This isn’t the first time Kenya’s gone to bat against Kim and Brielle. In July, the 20-year-old called Kenya a “dumb ugly evil bitch” on Twitter over what a source described as a “huge fight” between the contemptuous trio at NeNe’s annual white party. “Kenya started trash-talking Brielle,” an insider told us at the time, which ultimately turned into a “huge scene.”

Kenya also had this to say about co-star Porsha Williams and the speculation surrounding onset tension with the cast. 

“I have to say there is some truth in that,” she revealed. “She helped to perpetuate a lie that could’ve taken Kandi [Buruss] down, her entire family, the empire that she has built. That is not without some kind of merit.”

Moore continued, “When you look at why a person does something like that, coupled with they lie all the time on everyone, it’s hard to say, ‘OK, I’m willing to do a scene with you. What are you going to say about me? How are we going to operate on a level of honesty and real genuine friendship?'”

Meanwhile, we’ve reached out to Kim’s side for possible comment. The Real Housewives of Atlanta season premiere airs Nov. 5 on Bravo. 

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