Lana Risks Getting in Trouble With the WWE in Order to Get a Rematch: “At Least I’ll Live With No Regrets!”

She’s going rogue! 

Lana is working on getting a second chance in the ring but it might be a risky bet to make. “Last week, Carrano told me that my last match with Trin was my last wrestling match and then I’m going forward in a different direction,” Lana explains.

That is before she found a loophole that might give her another shot at being a wrestler. “Trin gives me her finisher and she goes for the pin and instead of pinning both of my shoulders down she only pins one shoulder,” Lana reveals. “Which is considered not a technical win.” 

“I’m thinking that I should probably post this on Twitter—this picture—and be like, ‘Oh, you didn’t pin me,'” Lana shares with Nattie Neidhart. But Nattie wants her to think carefully before posting something that could get her into trouble. 

“Listen, I’m all for doing something that is going to get attention. That’s what this whole business is about—is like coloring outside the lines,” Nattie cautioned. “But I don’t want to see you get in trouble for looking like you’re going into business for yourself.”

Lana has never been one to back down from a challenge, especially when it comes to her dreams. “I’m going to tweet Daniel Bryan that I want a fair chance. I’ll take those risks,” Lana shares. “If I get in trouble, I get in trouble. At least I’ll live with no regrets.”  

See it all go down in the clip above! 

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