Man Steals Car With 2 Dogs In Backseat So Thief’s Sister Tracks Down Owners To Return Their Pets

A couple from Minneapolis, Minnesota recently experienced the scare of a lifetime when a brazen thief stole their car this past weekend.

While losing the car, as well as the cellphone inside it, is inherently awful, Hillary Volkman and her boyfriend Joe Nelson were much more devastated about something else that was in the car: their two dogs.

Hillary and her boyfriend stopped at the Holiday gas station in Maplewood and quickly left the car running with their dogs still inside – which is actually illegal, according to Twin Cities’ Pioneer Press.

Hoping to keep the dogs warm while they ran a quick errand, they never imagined a brazen thief would hop into their vehicle and drive off with it.

By the time the couple returned, their car was gone and so were their dogs, Koda and Willow.

Heartbroken and hysterical, they went to the local police, who immediately brought up security footage of the suspect and posted it on their Facebook page.

Through more than 4,000 shares of the post online, Hillary and Joe learned that someone had information they wanted: the thief’s sister.

The suspect’s sister saw the Facebook post and reached out to the pet owners, hoping to return their precious dogs to them.

Hillary and Joe were relieved, though admit they were a bit hesitant at first that she might have demands in exchange for the dogs. Luckily, that didn’t happen.

“The girl that met with him was very nice, very apologetic,” Hillary explained to CBS Minnesota. “Unfortunately she didn’t have a lot of additional information, no location of her brother or the vehicle. All she was able to tell us was that the [dogs] were taken care of.”

Even though the couple has yet to be reunited with their vehicle, they are more than grateful to have their dogs back – and we’re happy too!

Photos: Facebook / Maplewood Minnesota Police Department 1, 2

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