Brides-To-Be Are Furious When Wedding Shop Unexpectedly Shuts Down And Holds Dresses Hostage

A wedding dress shop in Boca Raton, Florida, was recently shut down under mysterious circumstances.

The owner of the shop, Brittany Burns, sent out an email on Monday night to many of her customers and employees saying that the store was closing and that she had moved to be home with her family.

This announcement surprised many customers, if only because the shop still has many dresses belonging to many brides-to-be.

Paige Vaniak, a customer at the shop, explained to WPTV West Palm Beach, “I showed up to pick up my dress for my confirmed appointment and it was closed.”

Fortunately, Paige was still able to get her dress from an alteration shop, though not everyone has been so lucky.

Katie O’Donnell flew in from Pennsylvania with her mother for their scheduled appointment, but no one was at the store.

“When I was booking the appointment I had five stars and was like, ‘Oh this is great,’” she told WPTV. “I left them a message on their phone twice that day but I didn’t get any response.”

A former employee of the bridal shop claims she isn’t surprised by the shop’s closing; she struggled to receive her last paycheck from the owner.

“I texted [Brittany] several times to the point she blocked my number,” former employee Nikki Mora said. “There is enough stress involved with weddings, you shouldn’t be stressed about a dress.”

Luckily, a local alteration shop called Antonia’s Alterations had a few dresses from Brittany’s shop and was able to help some brides get their dresses.

“I don’t understand how the other girls are going to get in contact. I don’t know,” Vaniak explained. “I hope everyone gets their dresses and go on with their beautiful day.”

As a way to help the brides, Antonia’s is offering discounts to brides if they need it.

Brittany, the shop owner, recently spoke with WPTV, claiming allegations against the shop are false and that she feels “blindsided and devastated.” She also vowed to get the brides their dresses.

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Photos and footage provided by WPTV West Palm Beach

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