Danish Prince Henrik Dies After Controversially Refusing To Be Buried Beside His Wife The Queen

On February 13, 2018, the Danish Royal Family announced that Prince Henrik, husband of Queen Margrethe II died. His Royal Highness was 83.

Prince Henrik began suffering from pneumonia near the end of January, 2018, People reports. Doctors also found a tumor in his left lung which, although benign, became infected. He had also been diagnosed with dementia in September 2017. The Prince’s two sons, 49-year-old Crown Prince Frederik and 48-year-old Prince Joachim were at his side when he died, along with his wife The Queen.

Before his death, Prince Henrik made headlines with his controversial statements about his title within the Royal Family. Like Prince Philip in the UK, HRH Prince Henrik is a Prince — not a King. That is generally tradition for men married to reigning monarchs, but HRH Prince Henrik was unhappy with it, and made that very clear to his family and the press.

In August 2017, People reports, HRH spoke out about his title of Prince. Discussing the special burial sarcophagus that had been built in advance for him and his wife, the Prince stated that he didn’t want to be buried in it when eventually died. He cited his title as the reasoning, telling  Se og Hør, “If she wants to bury me with her, she must make me a king consort. Finished. I do not care.”

HRH also said before his death that not having the title of King made him feel unequal in his marriage — even once going as far as to say that his wife the Queen had made a “fool” of him, according to People.

People also reports that the Royal Family is respecting HRH’s wishes, and will instead cremate the late Prince. His ashes will be split in half, with one portion scattered in the sea and the other buried in the garden of Fredensborg Castle where he died. This was the Prince’s request.

While he was alive, HRH Prince Henrik loved poetry, which he often wrote in French, his native language.

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Photos: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain / Staff

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