‘Escape Artist’ Little Terrier Runs Away From Home And Is Found 300 Miles Away 3 Years Later

Arkansas resident Meredith Hanks used to have a small brown terrier named Colonel.

The 11-year-old terrier, known for being quite the “escape artist,” ran away from home in November 2014.

Meredith and her young sons gave up hope looking for him after months of searching.

Then, just last week, everything changed.

“On Wednesday, I got a call from the Jonesboro Humane Society that they had a dog turned in and when they scanned his chip, it showed that he was registered to us!” Meredith explained to CBS Philadelphia.

It was then that Meredith drove 300 miles from her home to pick up a dog that was supposedly Colonel. And, as you can see in the video below, she was certainly happy to confirm that the lost terrier was, in fact, hers when she yelled, “Oh my gosh, it’s so him!”

Apparently, Colonel had escaped several times before Meredith even thought to have him chipped, but the human society encouraged her to do so. And it’s a good thing she did!

The last time Colonel ran away, the Hanks family assumed they’d never see him again.

“We were really sad, this was the first dog I ever had,” Meredith’s son told the news station.

In the time the little dog was gone, the Hanks family had moved, added a new member to their family, and even got another dog!

Hopefully, Colonel stays put for good this time, and his escape artistry inspires other families to also get their pets chipped.

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Photos: CBS Local – KYW Philadelphia

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