Man Marries Woman He Met Online Not Knowing She’s Using Bogus Pregnancy To Get His Money

A woman has been exposed after she was accused of faking pregnancies and cancer diagnoses to get money from her ex-husbands.

According to WEWS Cleveland, Dawn Brown has been married seven times, and her third ex-husband has come forward with his story about the woman’s lies.

She was most recently divorced in October 2017, after her claim that she would give birth in December turned out to be false. That claim strongly resembles the one she told her 3rd ex-husband, Jared Hoeh.

He recently went on the record to tell his story. He reportedly met Dawn on a singles chat line and was immediately smitten with her. Their relationship quickly turned into a romantic one and just two months later, she told him she was pregnant with triplets.

But that wasn’t all: she also told him that she had just been diagnosed with terminal leukemia.

Feeling responsible, Jared wed Dawn on May 3rd, 2001 — not knowing that her previous marriage had been dissolved just the day before, according to court records. He showered her with gifts and money during their time together.

This was a common pattern for most of Dawn’s marriages.

Jared says that he was already suspicious about her claims, but nothing was confirmed until after they were married when she showed him fake sonogram photos. He even called the hospital where she was supposedly going to have her appointments only to find out that they had never heard of her.

Fed up with her lies, he moved out. Then, she claimed that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Their annulment was finalized on December 10th, 2001, at which point he noticed that she was already engaged to another man.

Watch the clip below to delve deeper into the story about her alleged lies and tall tales.

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Footage and photo provided by WEWS Cleveland

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