Olympic Curler Refuses Special Ice Shoes And Instead Wears ‘Lucky’ 8-Year-Old Pair Full Of Holes

Tyler George is a member of Team USA’s curling team, currently competing at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Originally from Duluth, Minnesota, Tyler has been curling for years and competed several time in the World Men’s Championship, receiving a bronze medal in 2016.

But now, after a recent piece in The New York Times, Tyler is receiving recognition for something other than his incredible curling skills; many people can’t take their eyes off his shoes.

While all other curling competitors wear an expensive pair of curling-specific shoes that feature Teflon slides on the bottom so curlers can glide on the ice, Tyler prefers something else.

While shopping at the Duluth Mall eight years ago, Tyler bought a white pair of Skechers sneakers. He liked them so much that he decided to add Teflon plates onto the soles and start curling in them.

And now, Tyler’s been wearing those exact shoes for eight years.

“It’s like a baseball glove,” he told The New York Times. “The ball has to feel right when it hits the webbing. Curling shoes — same thing. You have to be able to point your knee out the right way, and put the right amount of your foot on the ice.”

You can’t blame the man for wanting to feel comfortable!

Tyler prefers comfort and flexibility when curling so it’s easy for him to stretch when he throws the curling rock down the ice. He pushes off the starting block with his right foot and drags it behind him while lunging forward with his left.

Unsurprisingly, because he has to drag his right foot, that particular shoe looks less than brand new. In fact, they’re full of holes!

Tyler’s teammates cna barely tolerate the shoes, which he apparently keeps close to him at all times. When traveling for competitions, Tyler keeps them in his carry-on bag.

“They’re a mess,” Joe Polo, his teammate, said.

“Disgusting,” Matt Hamilton, another teammate, described the shoes.

Considering that the U.S. Curling team recently beat hometown heroes South Korea, perhaps those curling shoes are lucky!

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Photos: Getty / Doug Pensinger; Twitter / Dean Gemmell

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