People Are So Confused About Madonna’s ‘Weird’ Video Getting Her Face Massaged With Forks

Madonna’s recent Instagram post has left a lot of her followers scratching their heads.

The pop icon shared a clip of herself getting a facial on February 6, 2018. But it wasn’t any ordinary facial: Madonna was having her face massaged with forks.

“Skillets Forks My Face,” Madonna captioned the odd Instagram video, referring to her esthetician, Tarin Skillets. In the clip, Tarin uses long-pronged forks and presses them on the 59-year-old singer’s face. According to Madonna, this process tightens the skin and is one of her secrets for a youthful complexion.

“Have you ever tightened your face with a fork?” Madonna asks in the video, in which she also uses a photo filter that gives her bangs, a bow headband, and a cartoon-like squeaky voice. “Have you ever stabbed someone with a fork? I’ve done both.”

Needless to say, Madonna’s followers were a little taken aback by the unusual video. “Looks gross,” one commenter said. “OK, that is just weird!” another wrote.

Another summed up the confusion by commenting, “What the fork is going on?!!!!”

This isn’t the first time Madonna has opened up her skincare regimen and anti-aging in general.

“I do believe we live in a very ageist society [that’s] particularly unkind towards women,” Madonna said at a 2017 event for her skincare line MDNA Skin, according to Bustle. “I think it’s ridiculous that we have to hide our age or not be able to embrace it.”

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Photos: Instagram 1, 2 / Madonna

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