Photographer Captures Moment Bride Breastfeeds During Priest’s Prayer At Wedding

Christina Torino-Benton and her husband were enjoying their gorgeous wedding ceremony in Montreal when all of a sudden their 9-month-old Gemma was getting very hungry. 

While sitting in church, Gemma’s grandmother handed her off to Christina, who sat poised, while loosening the top of her gown to feed Gemma.

Photographer Lana Nimmons was able to capture the unthinkable moment that turned out not to be such a big deal after all. The proud mother posted the photo in a breastfeeding support group where it went viral last summer.

“It went nuts,” Lana told Inside Edition. Nearly all the comments were positive. However, there were a few detractors.

“It’s super cool. This is so cool and positive.” Lana said. “It’s not a bad thing that it opened a dialogue.”

The Roman Catholic wedding took place on a sweltering hot day and her baby needed more nourishment than usual. Gemma wasn’t interested in bottle-feeding, so Christina wasn’t going to leave her baby high and dry.

Few people even noticed Christina breastfeeding. Fortunately Lana was in tune with the moment.

“We were all facing front, so no one could see anything,” Lana said. “And the priest was looking down and praying, so he didn’t see anything.”

Lana recalls what Christina said when she began to get negative feedback about nursing in church.

“She told me, ‘How do they think Jesus was fed? They didn’t have bottles and Similac then,’’’ Lana said.

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Photo: Inside Edition / Lana Nimmons

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