Priest Who Offers Drive-Thru ‘Ashes-To-Go’ Faces Backlash For Making Religion Too Convenient

These days, it can seem impossible to carve out time to get to church — especially in the middle of the week. When important church holidays fall on a weekday, though, many Christians try their best to get to church to properly celebrate.

But some people are busy, so one priest in Florida is trying to combat that with convenience this Ash Wednesday.

Traditionally, Christians head to church on Ash Wednesday to celebrate the beginning of Lent, which will last until Easter. During Mass, churchgoers will step up to be blessed with ashes made from the palm branches that were blessed on Palm Sunday the year before. Knowing that some parishioners don’t have time for a full service in the middle of the week, though, Father Mark Andrew came up with a different way to get the blessing out.

Father Mark works at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Pompano Beach, Florida. This year, he set up a drive-thru “Ashes On The Go” station outside his church. This special station allows Church members to get their ashes without going to a full service — and maybe without even leaving their car.

Even though Father Mark does encourage attending a full service, he told CBS Miami that he put together this special drive-thru because “we think it’s important to take the things that happen in the church sanctuary out into the world.”

What do you think about this unusual idea? Some say Ash Wednesday should never been this convenient, but the idea is surely helpful for many busy people — and for people too sick to make it through a full service at church.

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Photos: CBS Local — WFOR Miami

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