Princess Diana’s Brother Admitted She Was ‘Repeatedly Traumatized’ By The Paparazzi

In 2015, Oprah Winfrey sat down with Lord Charles Spencer to discuss his late sister Diana, Princess of Wales.

As most know, at the time of her death in Paris, Princess Diana was trying to escape paparazzi. In his eulogy, Princess Diana’s younger brother condemned the paparazzi and vowed to protect his nephews, Princes William and Harry.

On Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Lord Charles Spencer opened up about the torment his sister went through as she was constantly chased by photographers.

“I mean, Diana was truly, repeatedly traumatized by the worst aspect of the paparazzi, particularly after she effectively left the royal family,” her brother revealed.

He also opened up to Oprah about one particular conversation he had with his sister about a photographer who said some truly awful and sickening things to her.

“I remember her telling me one of the worst paparazzo guys in London had actually said to her, ‘I’ll be there every day of your life until you’re dead, and then I’ll be filming your grave,’” he said. “Obviously, he didn’t know she was going to die so young, but it was that menacing thing.”

He went on to say that Princess Diana was seen as a victim by the paparazzi and just a way to make money. “It’s disgusting,” he told Oprah. He is happy, though, that his nephews have been “very well protected” from any negative experiences with photographers.

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Photos: Oprah: Where Are They Now?; Wikimedia Commons / Nick Parfjonov

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