Widow Begs Neighbors For Help After Thieves Steal Quilt Made From Her Late Husband’s Shirts

A widow and her family are asking for help after priceless sentimental keepsakes were stolen during a burglary.

According to ABC Action News, Dorothy “Dot” Adair was out running errands on the morning of February 12, 2018 when a thief broke into her northeast Philadelphia home. In addition to items that could be resold for cash, the burglar also inexplicably took several invaluable family mementoes. The stolen items include a jewelry box that contained pieces belonging to Francis “Bud” Adair (Dot’s late husband of 65 years), among them his rosary beads and dog tags identifying him as having Alzheimer’s.

“I always held on to them, every night I’d hold on to them. They were my last thing, they put me to sleep at night,” Dot told ABC Action News. “They are the things that are irreplaceable.”

Dot and her family are most upset about a stolen quilt. The unique family keepsake was made by Dot’s daughters from T-shirts that Bud wore. They say Dot slept with it every night. The family believes that the thief threw everything he stole onto the bed and wrapped it all up in the quilt, taking it along to carry his loot without a second thought.

Dot’s daughter, Fran Adair Ezzai, took to Facebook to share her plea for the quilt’s return.

“If anyone sees this at yard sales, [or] laying on the street, please contact me,” Fran wrote, in part. “This stuff is worthless to them, but priceless to us. Please keep eyes open and pray for our family.”

If you have any information about the stolen items, you can reach out to police at (215) 686-3154/3153, reach out to Fran via her public Facebook post, or drop them off at the family’s parish church, St. Katherine of Siena, in Philadelphia.

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Photos: WPVI Action News; Facebook / Fran Adair Ezzai

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