Docker: Continuous Delivery

Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) allow developers to work more collaboratively and catch bugs earlier in the development lifecycle. Docker—a leading software container platform—can greatly simplify continuous deployment by allowing for safer, more reliable deployment and testing environments. In this course, join Arthur Ulfeldt as he explains how to use Docker to build deployment […]

Dive Into Orchestration with Docker Swarm

Docker swarm mode provides native clustering for Docker containers. This means you can manage containers running across multiple servers as a single group—a swarm. Swarms offer a reliable, repeatable, and fast way to build and deploy applications. Plus, you reap all the benefits of an architecture that can scale with a single command and handle […]

We’re Back!

Dear Friends, I’m going to cut right to the chase: LittleThings is back! In the days following LittleThings’ closure, we were inundated with messages of support and love from our faithful readers and fans of Refresh. (Hi, Sugar Cubes!) I can’t tell you how much these words meant to all of us. LittleThings was so […]