Media Composer 8.7 Essential Training: 101

Media Composer 8.6 Essential Training is a two-part, start-to-finish training series that will get users up to speed with the Media Composer environment and the basics of nonlinear video editing. This course, 101, focuses on the core aspects of the editing process—from prepping and organizing media, editing and trimming clips, and adding audio, titles, and […]

Before & After: Less is More

In design, simplicity is best. Reducing the number of visual elements actually leads to stronger compositions. Join for another Before & After project that shows how “less is more” works in practice. He takes an existing design—a portfolio-style folded business card—and explains what went wrong. Then he shows how to fix it by reducing or […]

Managing Your Small Business

Getting a small business off the ground is a feat in itself. But once you’ve made your business idea a reality, you’re faced with an array of new challenges which—if managed improperly—can dominate your time and prevent you from achieving greater success. In this course, learn strategies and techniques for running a small to medium […]

Developing Adaptable Employees

Workplace change is a constant. To successfully achieve business goals in this landscape, managers need to help their employees learn how to adapt to changing conditions. In this course, eParachute founder Gary Bolles outlines why workers—and managers—need to be adaptive, and what skills managers can help employees develop in order to be resilient. He also […]

Cert Prep: SOLIDWORKS Surfacing

The successful completion of the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced Surfacing (CSWPA-SU) exam shows proof of your expertise with the SOLIDWORKS advanced surfacing tools. By earning this certification, you demonstrate that you have the cutting-edge skills that businesses seek out and reward. This course reviews key concepts and techniques to help you tackle the CSWPA-SU exam […]

Microsoft Azure Logic Apps First Look

Azure Logic Apps provides a powerful, serverless, and scalable IFTTT experience for developers and DevOps alike. You can create workflows to connect cloud and on-premises services, automate business processes, and handle events—all with an easy-to-use visual designer. This course offers a first look at Azure Logic Apps, including the quick-start templates, triggers and connections, logic, […]

Sales: Customer Success

Customer success is a new field that goes beyond the more traditional sales, marketing, and customer support. Teams are being created to manage the customer life cycle and drive adoption, renewals, upselling, and advocacy. Customer success is one of the hottest B2B trends since the advent of the subscription business model. This course goes over the key components […]

Virtual & Augmented Reality for 3D Weekly

It can be challenging to keep up with all of the new advancements in virtual reality. In this weekly series, 3D artist and expert Craig Barr explores different kinds of immersive realities—including virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality—and provides tips, tricks, and techniques for effective VR projects. He discusses content creation for your virtual […]

Unreal Game Mechanics: Creating a Directional Sprint

Expand your game development skillset by learning how to implement a common game mechanic inside Unreal Engine 4. In this course, Joel Bradley demonstrates how to create a sprint mechanic that works when the player is running forwards, but stops whenever they move in a side-to-side motion. He covers creating new blueprints, adding variables and […]

Linux Tips Weekly

Linux is the operating system of choice for enterprises that need a stable, agile, and open-source platform, and it’s only getting more popular. Qualified system administrators are in demand. If you’ve been anticipating a transition to Linux for your company or your career, or thinking about using Linux at home, this series presents a great […]