Photoshop and Lightroom: Mobile, Desktop, and Cloud

Free yourself from the confines of your computer! With Adobe’s mobile apps (Lightroom for mobile, Photoshop Fix, and Photoshop Mix), you can perform a wide variety of photo-management, photo-enhancement, and photo-manipulation jobs while on the go. Combine these apps with Lightroom and Photoshop CC and you have a powerful environment that lets you be creative […]

Office for iPad and iPhone Essential Training

Learn to access and edit your Office documents on the go. Microsoft offers the same great productivity tools you use on your desktop in apps designed specifically for iOS. In this course, Jess Stratton shows you how to use the latest features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and Outlook on your iPhone or iPad. Jess […]

Excel 2016: Working with Dates and Times

Getting dates and times to show up the way you want in an Excel spreadsheet can be tricky. In this concise course, Excel expert Dennis Taylor shares easy solutions for formatting and calculating dates and times in Excel 2016. Dennis explains what’s going on behind the scenes when Excel stores dates and times, and offers […]

Revit Areas

Architects and designers are often tasked with calculating and reporting the sizes of the spaces within a project. Typically, a set of detailed area calculations following specific rules and guidelines—which are often set by building officials, leasing agents, and others—is required. If you need to make such calculations, you’ll likely find that you need more […]

Personal Effectiveness Tips

Before you affect change in your role or organization, you need to develop and manage yourself. In this weekly series, personal branding and career expert Dorie Clark shares research-based best practices to help you establish your credibility, identify your leadership blind spots, deal with change, find mentors and sponsors to guide you, and more. Tune […]

Finance and Accounting Tips

Are you curious about the financial details of big companies like Walmart and Boeing, but shy away from further investigation because you don’t consider yourself a numbers person? In this weekly series, accounting professors Jim and Kay Stice—who have been exploring financial information for a combined 60 years—break down essential accounting and finance concepts into […]

AWS for DevOps: Continuous Delivery and Process Automation

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has several powerful features and services that support processes automation and continuous delivery. Learn how to leverage several core services, including CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy and CodePipeline. See how to use the AWS command line interface to write and run scripts for automations. Discover best practices you can follow, and third-party tools […]

SharePoint 2016: Installation and Configuration

SharePoint 2016 is a powerful collaborative solution that you can leverage to share and manage content and applications—but installing it can sometimes seem a bit daunting. In this course, learn what you need to know to confidently tackle the process of installing and configuring SharePoint 2016. CA Callahan takes you through each stage of the […]

Android Development Tips Weekly

In this weekly series, David Gassner shares tips and tricks that you can use to code smarter and create fast, reliable apps that look great. David provides tips on a variety of topics—some of which help you enhance your app’s user interface, and others which focus on back-end processing. Plus, he covers some open-source libraries […]

Learning Functional Programming with JavaScript

Functional programming is a clean, robust alternative to the more typical procedural style of programming. In this course, learn about the functional concepts at the heart of many JavaScript frameworks and programs. Shaun Wassell begins by explaining what functional programming is, exactly, and how it compares to object-oriented programming. He then covers the basics of […]